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3 Steps to a selfie-ready smile!

3 Tips to get a selfie-ready smile!

3 Tips to get a selfie-ready smile!We’re super excited to have Listerine Advanced White as our partner for the 2017 GLAMOUR’s Most GLAMOURous Awards, taking place on 9 May in Joburg. And we want you in on it!

We’re on the hunt for a GLAMOUR reader who oozes the qualities of the GLAMOUR woman: style, strength and sexiness. If you think this is you, head on over to the entry page and submit a photo of yourself, showing off your most GLAMOURous and confident side!

To help you do this, Listerine Advanced White has shared some top tips for getting a Hollywood-worthy smile! So read on, follow their guidelines and start snapping those selfies!

1 Brighten up!

The key to the perfect smile is to practise good day-to-day oral hygiene, and Listerine Advanced White will help you do just that! Proven to give you whiter teeth in just two weeks, using Listerine daily will lead to a healthier smile and help you maintain fresh breath throughout the day. Get rinsing!

2 Make lipstick your friend, ladies

Did you know certain shades can make your teeth appear whiter? For this nifty trick, choose a red lipstick with blue undertones that works well with your skin tone. If you aren’t a fan of a bold red, opt for a cherry, berry, plum, or a vibrant pink to brighten your smile instead.

3 Up your selfie skills

Want to look great in every photo and avoid those awkward smiles? Close your eyes, count to three, open your eyes, and smile. Works every time!

To learn more about Listerine Advanced White, click here.

Now that you’ve perfected your smile with Listerine Advanced White, submit your entry here. For more information on GLAMOUR’s Most GLAMOURous in association with Listerine Advanced White, click here.

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