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5 Reasons to consider dating your best friend

5 Reasons to consider dating your best friendDespite what movies like When Harry Met Sally would have us believe, platonic relationships between men and women are entirely possible. However, that doesn’t mean that if you’ve started to think of your best guy friend a little differently lately, that you shouldn’t consider pursuing a more romantic relationship with him. You already know the thousand and one reasons why you shouldn’t. Take a look at a few of the reasons why you should.

1 You can get straight to the point 

You know those awkward first date conversations where you talk about your siblings and where you grew up? Being friends first means you can skip right over your brother Justin and your sister Amy, and move right onto more interesting topics. 

2 No stressful family meetings 

If you’ve been friends for a while, chances are you’ve already met each other’s parents, with no expectations or strings attached. And if you’re lucky, their parents might already like you, and vice versa. So no tense first meetups needed. 

3 An open relationship history 

You know about his one-night stand with that foreign exchange student. He knows about the last guy that broke your heart. You’ve seen each other through the worst of your past relationships, now it’s time to move onto one that might be the best. 

4 You have a lot in common 

Whether it’s music, movies, tequila shots or hiking, there’s something that brought the two of you together in the past – which makes it easier to build a romantic relationship in the future. All of which makes planning dates and outings that much easier. 

5 You’ve seen each other at your worst 

His old trousers with a hole in the crotch. You with no makeup. Both of you tired and hungover. You’ve seen each other at the worst, most gross-don’t-look-at-me moments with no shyness or awkwardness. And if you’re still friends after all of that, your chances of being something more going forward are good. Sure it’s a risk and there’s the danger of potentially ruining your friendship, but if you feel strongly enough about it, take the leap. Life’s too short, and if you think you’ve found someone you can navigate the ups and downs with, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot! 

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