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Training in winter? You can do it!

Training in winter? You can do it!It’s hard enough finding the motivation to train in summer – and in winter, when it’s pitch black and freezing cold, it’s almost impossible. If you want to avoid the lure of comfort food and still fit into your jeans come spring, you’ll need to stick to some type of training schedule. Here’s how to get through those winter workouts no matter the weather.

1 Set yourself a goal

Want to lose 5kg, run a 5k or swim 50 laps? Now’s the time to go for it! Focusing on a goal makes training easier, with every workout you get through taking you that much closer to the finish line. By the time summer comes you’ll be fitter, stronger and maybe even a size smaller!

2 Hire a trainer

If you can afford it, a personal trainer is a hugely beneficial investment, particularly over the winter months. It’s much more difficult to skip a training session if you know there’s someone waiting for you (especially if you’re paying them to be there). Add to that the motivation and support a trainer can bring, and you’ll have everything you need to beat the winter bulge.

3 Dress up warmly

Even if your workouts make you break a sweat, you’ll need to wrap up before and after for protection against the cold. Dress in warm layers that you can shed as your training session becomes more intense, and you won’t have any discomfort – at least, not from the weather, that is.

4 Get outside

Speaking of the weather, don’t let it put you off your training session – one missed session today could soon equal a month’s worth. There’s plenty you can do outside on winter days from road and trail running to hiking, climbing and more. In fact, cooler temperatures are ideal for outdoor activities, and a light drizzle can sometimes provide a welcome relief. If the weather does become too harsh, there’s plenty to do indoors either at the gym or at home. Just say no to excuses, and you’ll soon be saying yes to a beautifully sculpted body just in time for summer.

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