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Man Candy Monday

Man Candy Monday
Born and bred in Pretoria, Renaldo Schwarp is making himself seen and heard as a vibrant prodigy in the local entertainment and lifestyle circles.

Currently the host of his own late-night radio show on CapeTalk, Schwarp also hosts VIA TV’s weekly Afrikaans entertainment news show, #GONS. With his upbeat personality and infectious smile, Schwarp is fast becoming one of South Africa’s most-loved and switched-on media personalities. Find out more about this week’s Man Candy Monday star here:

What would you say is your best attribute and why?

I am a people’s person. I’m an absolute extrovert, I just love engaging with people and I would like to think that my comfort around people is one of my best attributes.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by a variety of people, and they tend to be people who have passion and a great work ethic. The first person that comes to mind is Ryan Seacrest – he literally embodies hard work, passion, fun and a phenomenal work ethic.

Man Candy Monday

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

I don’t have the best track record with dates, but I think a perfect date relies on the two of us clicking and being comfortable with each other. So the awkwardness must stay away. If we’re talking about a setting, my perfect date would be the two of us, a great culinary experience and a fantastic view.

What’s your favourite drink?

A frozen margarita cocktail. I love cocktails and a margarita is the perfect drink after a long day.

What fills the spot at the top of your dream destination list?

Growing up I was obsessed with the idea of living in New York City. I’m such a city boy, and New York just has it all – a buzzing night life, and the chance to watch your favourite musicals on Broadway.

Man Candy MondayDo you have any regrets when it comes to past relationships?

Yes, a few. I’m at a space where trusting and respect myself and my time is extremely important. So looking back at past relationships I would have done a few things differently, specifically not putting myself in situations that aren’t great for me or my growth as a person.

Who is your style icon?

It’s ever-changing. Currently it’s Justin Livingstone and Darren Kennedy. I love people who are comfortable with themselves and their style, and if one can have fun with fashion, I’m there for that.

Who is your WCW?

There a few great, strong women I look up to and that inspire me. Tracey Lange, Jo-Anne Strauss and my mother. All women who work hard, love what they do, who aren’t afraid of giving and are able to enjoy the small moments.

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