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To the left, to the left

What makes you swipe left on Tinder?Apps like Tinder have made dating easier than ever. Like what you see? Swipe right. Not that interested? Swipe left. But what exactly is it that makes you swipe left in the first place? We asked some of our readers to share their biggest Tinder profile no-nos. 

Say cheese!

“Guys who don’t show their teeth when they smile get an instant left swipe from me. One or two close-mouthed pics, ok, but every picture in your profile? What exactly are you hiding? No thanks!” – Claire, 23

Future’s so bright, gotta wear shades

“My pet hate is when guys wear sunglasses in every pic – even in ones where they’re inside! You need to see someone’s eyes to get a proper idea of who they are, and to know what they actually look like. If they’re not willing to share that, I’m not willing to swipe right.” – Lebo, 28

Girls on film

“It bugs me when guys post pics of themselves surrounded by hot girls. I always think two things: A) intimidating, and B) if you know so many beautiful girls already, why on earth are you on Tinder?” – Becca, 25

Doctor who? 

“My worst is when there’s no profile pic at all – just that anonymous outline. Does anyone ever swipe right on an outline? A close second is when there’s no profile blurb. Just tell us who you are – we’re not looking for Shakespeare here, just a line or two. Come on buddy, help a girl out!” – Robyn, 30

You should go to the vet. Because those puppies are sick! 

“I can’t take a guy seriously if his profile shot is a deliberately posed topless one. I just roll my eyes. Like, how desperate are you? If you want to show that you’re ripped, post a pic of you doing something sporty or active where it looks more natural. Otherwise, just no.” – Kim, 20 

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