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6 Quotes to live by from Zendaya

6 Quotes to live by from Zendaya

Actress, entrepreneur and star of our #PoweredByWomen issue, Zendaya is all kinds of inspirational. Here we round up her top five quotes from her interview for GLAMOUR with her friend and female force, Yara Shahidi.

1 “You know when you watch a show and you’re like, ‘That’s so good. I wish I’d made it?’ Why not? Why not make it?”

2 “The most important thing I’ve learnt from my mom is selflessness.”

3 “A lot of people who aren’t people of colour can’t understand what it’s like to not see yourself in mainstream media.”

4 “As my social platforms grew, I realised that my voice was much more important than I had originally thought. I think if every young person understood the power of their voice, things would be a lot different.”

5 “If people know your name, they should know it for a reason.”

6 “There’s something to be said for the fact that literally everybody can hate my outfit, but if I feel good in it, I’m the only one that should matter.”

Read the full interview in your November copy of GLAMOUR!

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