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Your partner loves you… their friend circle, not so much

Your partner loves you… their friend circle, not so much

After meeting the parents, meeting the friends can be one of the most nerve-wracking steps in a new relationship. Obviously they’re an important part of your partner’s life, and it’s vital that they like and accept you. But what happens if they don’t?

Don’t jump to conclusions right away

Perhaps they actually do like you or perhaps you haven’t given them enough time to decide. Don’t rush to judgment. Instead allow them enough time to get to know you for the awesome person you are.

Be as friendly as possible

So it turns out they don’t like you. That’s no excuse to be rude or sulky. Instead be pleasant, be kind, be civil, and help create a respectful atmosphere when you’re all together, at least for your partner’s sake.

Treat your partner well

Not that you were going to act like a spoilt brat anyway, but one of the reasons for the dislike aimed towards you could be as a result of your partner’s past relationships. Make your affection for your partner known and attitudes could soften.

Open up a little

If you’re a quiet or introverted person, your shyness could be mistaken for arrogance. Make an effort to open up when you see an opportunity to genuinely connect, and you could soon go from being an outsider to being accepted into the inner circle.

Let it go

If after everything they still don’t give you the time of day, just let it go. The only opinion that really matters is your partner’s anyway, so instead concentrate on nurturing your relationship.

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