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4 Reasons why hiring a personal trainer is totally worth it

4 Reasons why hiring a personal trainer is totally worth it

So you’ve decided to get your butt into gear and start exercising. Should you consider hiring a personal trainer to help you out? If you have the funds to do so, even for a few preliminary sessions, a trainer can be a valuable resource for a number of reasons.

They’ll motivate you 

Half of the work when exercising is keeping yourself motivated while you run those last few paces or lift those last few reps. With a personal trainer on your team, you won’t need to worry about finding motivation from within, because you’ll have it right by your side, pushing you to give your very best every step of the way. 

They’ll keep you accountable 

How many times have you pushed the snooze button first thing in the morning or swapped after-work exercise for happy hour drinks instead? Knowing that your personal trainer is there, at the gym, watching the clock till you show up will make you less likely to bail on your session, and more likely to kick butt. 

They’ll tailor-make your programme 

No two people are alike, which means no two training programmes should be alike. Your trainer will design a completely custom-made plan for you based on your current fitness level and your goals, and will adjust it as you become fitter and further along your journey. Believe it or not, they don’t just stand there counting reps. 

They’ll teach you good form 

Do you know how to properly deadlift? Squat? Bench press? Even run? It doesn’t matter how experienced you think you are, a good trainer will always be able to help you improve your form and your technique in order to help you maximise your efficiency and take as much from your training as possible. Now get those heels back and keep those knees out! 

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