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Done with Tinder? Try these 3 dating apps

Done with Tinder? Try these 3 dating apps

Tired of Tinder? Bored of swiping left, right or super-liking? Or just looking for something different? If so, give your Tinder profile a rest for a while and try one of these alternatives instead.


No, it’s not a bee, it’s a dating app – but one with a difference. That’s because this app puts women in charge right from the word go. Make a match with a guy and he won’t be able to chat to you – you’ll have to make the first move. Which is great if you’re shy or tired of always having a guy in charge of your initial conversation. Be warned though: if you leave a match for more than 24 hours, it’ll disappear. So if you’re interested, get that opening line in as soon as you can. 


Like Tinder, but more personalised, OkCupid lets you match with potential dates, but does so after asking you a lot of questions. The more info you share, the more likely you’ll be to match with someone who enjoys the same things you do. Plus, you’ll have a wider pool to choose from, as OkCupid’s dating network is huge.


If you’ve always fancied that person who keeps popping up in your friend’s Facebook photos, then this is the app for you. More of a six-degrees-of-separation app than a hookup-with-random-strangers one, Hinge allows you to make matches either with your own Facebook friends or with Facebook friends of theirs. The catch? There needs to be a common connection for you to make a match, but on the plus side, you’ll at least have someone to vouch for them, meaning fewer dodgy messages and meet-ups.

What exactly is it that makes you swipe left in the first place? We asked some of our readers to share their biggest Tinder profile no-nos here.

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