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Are you mentally healthy? 5 Tips to boost your well-being

Improve your mental health

We all know that to keep our bodies strong and fit we need to stay active. But what about when it comes to staying mentally healthy, as well as physically? The saying is ‘healthy mind, healthy body’, after all, so shouldn’t we be focusing just as much attention on our mindsets as our physiques? The answer is yes, and here’s how.

Be kind to yourself 

That negative voice in the back of your head that tells you you aren’t good enough? Or yells at you when you do something wrong? Ignore it. Constantly reinforcing destructive messages is a one-way trip to unhappiness and depression. Rather be kind to yourself, love yourself and start turning the negative voice into a positive one. 

Take care of yourself 

Self-care is so important, and yet in our busy lives it’s something we rarely take time for. So start scheduling it in now, as you would a meeting, and make a commitment to taking care of yourself. Whether that means a trip to the spa, a bubble bath, an hour with a book or simply a nap, taking the time to love and nurture yourself is a hugely valuable investment.   

Surround yourself with friends 

As humans we’re built to connect, so surrounding yourself with a close group of friends is the ideal way to show your appreciation for others, and receive appreciation and validation in return. No matter how big or small your inner circle, book time with them to have fun and strengthen your friendship bonds – you’ll reap the emotional rewards as a result. 

Learn how to cope with stress 

One of the biggest drivers of anxiety, worry and mental breakdown is stress, so learning how to cope with it effectively is crucial for maintaining a stable and positive mindset. Instead of letting the stress overwhelm you, try channelling your angst into a workout, chatting to a friend or even meditating. You’ll move through your state of stress much faster and come out stronger on the other side. 

Give thanks 

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions there is, and giving thanks for your blessings allows you to see just how full and rich your life really is. Start a ‘gratitude diary’ and write down three things every day that you’re thankful for, from small things like a good cup of coffee to big things like a promotion. You’ll soon see just how much you have to be grateful for and you’ll open the door for even more positive opportunities to come your way. 

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