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5 Quick tips for a healthy new year

5 Quick tips for a healthy new year

Whether you’ve decided to lose weight, work on your fitness or just make better eating choices in 2018, you’re not alone. Most people make healthy resolutions to help them start the new year right. But how can you make sure you get 2018 off on the right foot health wise? Our readers weigh in with their tried-and-tested tips. 

1 Strut your stuff

“I always put new gym gear on my Christmas wish list. Tops, leggings, trainers, the works. That way I know I’ll make it into the gym because I’ll be dying to try on all my new things! It’s frivolous, but it works!” – Jabulile, 46

2 Phone a friend

“My super-committed gym-loving friend is up at 5am every day to go train, so I always ask her to call me on WhatsApp when she gets up. She’s not allowed to stop calling until I answer the phone and tell her I’m up. And then I treat both of us to manis every month as a thank you. So we’re both fit and fabulous, too!” – Kananelo, 37

3 Go green

“Christmas time means junk food time. It’s all over the house: chips, chocolates, mince pies, all the things my family and I love. Once the big day is over though, so is junk food mania. I clear all the temptations out of the cupboards (if there are any left) and fill the fridge with delicious healthy food instead. That way when we’re hungry we’ll only find good things to eat. I ignore the grumbling because it’s good for us!” – Sabrina, 47

4 Make a date 

“January is always a little tight budget wise, but I miss my friends if I don’t see them. So instead of going clubbing, we go out into nature. We co-ordinate our diaries and make plans for weekend hikes, beach walks, short runs and so on. That way our calendars are full of social activities and we’re getting exercise at the same time, without spending a fortune.” – Leandri, 32

5 Sober up

“Alcohol is huge over Christmas time, so every January I go sober for the month just to get some balance back. It’s not like I have lots of money to go out partying anyway. I get to start the new year in a healthy, balanced way, and I use the time to work on my fitness, rather than my alcohol tolerance. It always sets me up for a fab year ahead.” – Lebo, 48

In the long term, there are far more benefits to choosing a healthy lifestyle than simply weight loss. Check out these 10 real benefits of living a healthy lifestyle!

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