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Anti-aging treatments for your hair? Yes, they’re a DO

Anti-aging treatments for your hair? Yes, they’re a DO

Remember how much thicker, shinier and stronger your hair was when you were younger? Turn back time with these pro solutions! 

INOAR G.Hair Botox Treatment (from R490 for short hair to R680 for long)

Essentially a facial for your hair, this treatment includes washing, masking and pampering, giving you a boost of all the good stuff like argan oil, shea butter, hydrolysed keratin and grape extract, helping to fight free radicals and smooth your strands. Available at selected INOAR stockists and Sorbet Dry Bars.

Beauty Director review: My hair looked glossy and felt soft as I stepped out of the salon (but with a pro blow-dry it always does!). So the real test for me was after the first wash. And I was super impressed. The major boost of moisturising ingredients meant that my hair was sleek. From a girl who straightens her hair every day with a flatiron, that says a lot. I even felt comfortable walking in the rain without worrying about frizz. The effects lasted about three weeks. I saved so much time in the mornings as it meant less styling and no need for the flatiron. I’d definitely do it again!   

Carlton Renew Pro Boost Anti-aging Intense (R400) 

This treatment produces a light peel that helps remove debris and product build-up on your scalp. The formula is added to your head for 10 minutes before being rinsed off. Once completed, a renewing serum soothes your skin for 20 minutes. Rinse, condition and walk out with glossy locks and a pampered scalp. Available at Carlton Hair salons.  

Beauty Director review: This in-salon treatment felt so pampering! There’s something quite satisfying about knowing you’re there to give your head and locks an added boost. When I get stressed, my scalp shows it. I have regular breakouts of dry scalp and I’ve tried every product and treatment for it. This is a brilliant solution for removing those dead skin cells and I didn’t get a flare-up for another three months. Totally worth it, if you scalp needs some love.

Want thicker hair instant?ly These dust-on formulas will do the job in a flash!

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