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These small workout changes will help you get more burn for your buck

These small workout changes will help you get more burn for your buck

Sure you’re working and sweating like a champ during your training sessions. But did you know you could get even more from each workout with just a little extra effort? Take a look and find out how to blitz kilojoules into nothingness.

On the treadmill

See that bar in front of you? Pretend it’s not there. Using your arms to help increase momentum will help increase your kilojoule burn, too, turning a cardio workout into a full body training session. Amp up the intensity by increasing the gradient and extend your treadmill training by just five minutes. These small changes will soon yield big results! 

On the machines

Get your heart rate up and running with some HIIT – high intensity interval training that alternates periods of intense exercise with periods of moderate activity. Choose the elliptical, spinning bike, rowing machine or any other machine you like, and get those kilos burning in 20-minute sessions that’ll leave you gasping for air and loving the end result. 

On the mat

Forget leg day or arm day. Instead, choose exercises that work the entire body all at once, burning more kilos at the same time. Exercises like planking, mountain climbers, bear crawls, kettlebell swings and burpees are all good choices. Build them into one continuous training plan with short breaks in between, and start shopping for smaller jeans! 

In the weights section

You’re a superwoman. So why not go all out with a superset? Instead of resting between each individual exercise, perform two to four weight-bearing exercises in a row, alternating between different muscle groups, and rest after the complete set. Supersetting your training like this will make your workout more efficient, and make you stronger and leaner, too. 

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