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5 Life lessons to learn from boxer Alexis Pritchard

Alexis Pritchard
Photography: Instagram / @boxerlex

Cape Town born boxing babe, Alexis Pritchard,  recently reached her goal of attending the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Australia.

She moved to New Zealand at the age of 14 and took up boxing in 2003 as a means of getting fit. Back in 2012, the 34-year-old was given the title of the first New Zealand woman to win an Olympic boxing match in 2012, when she beat Tunisia’s Rim Jouini. However, after failing to qualify for the Rio Olympics, Alexis retired whilst still the New Zealand champion.

Last year, Alexis made the decision to return to the ring, but needed to raise $20,000 to fund her goal of competing at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Instead of giving up, she put together an exhibition of artistic portraits that would help fund her dream.

Yesterday, she shared an Instagram post which she captioned: “Gold Coast Commonwealth Games here I come!”

Pritchard’s persistence should be a source of encouragement to us all. That’s why we’re sharing the five lessons that we can all learn from the home grown boxing champ.

1. Never Give Up

DO stay focused on your dream, and continue to take one step towards it everyday like Pritchard.

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2. Iron Sharpens Iron

In preparation for the Games, Alexis scheduled a training session with fellow female boxer Nephetaria Miller from opposing team USA. DON’T be afraid to surround yourself with people who are just as excellent as you are.

Alexis Pritchard @boxerlex
Photography: Instagram / @boxerlex


3. You Are What You Eat

She regularly shares images of her nutritious meals. So DON’T neglect your health, and be sure to eat clean, vitamin-rich foods.

Alexis Pritchard Food
Photography: Instagram / @boxerlex


4. Gratitude Is Always The Right Attitude

Of her daily gratitude practice, Alexis wrote on Instagram: “When we actively alter our thinking to gratitude there is a increase in the feel good brain chemicals. This is a good thing for our emotional and mental health.” So DON’T forget to be grateful.

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5. Smile

Take one quick glance at Pritchard’s social media and you’re bound to see a snap of the boxing star, showing off her pearly whites. DO make every effort to crack a smile, even on days when you simply can’t find the strength.

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