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5 Signs you’re a victim of workplace bullying

BullyingMost of us have wanted to stay in bed rather than go into the office at least one time or another. But if you find yourself always wanting to stay away from work, stressed, scared and under overwhelming pressure, you could be a victim of bullying in the workplace. Here’s how you can tell:

1 You’re constantly being criticised.

No matter what you do or how hard you work, your contribution is never good enough. You’re criticised harshly and in public, and never receive any form of guidance or mentorship.

2 You’re feeling increasingly alienated.

You used to be invited to certain meetings but now you’re being excluded. Your colleagues have begun to withdraw from interactions with you, and you feel as if you’re working as an individual, rather than part of a team.

3 You’re the target of abuse.

You’re being shouted at by your superior or your colleagues in front of others, and you feel insulted, belittled, and disrespected.

4 You’re the subject of gossip.

Rumours are being spread about you, people are talking about you behind your back, and you feel unfairly victimised.

5 Your health is suffering.

Your anxiety levels are through the roof, you’re constantly stressed and on edge, you’re having trouble sleeping and concentrating, and you’re feeling hopelessly run-down and worn out.

If you recognise any of these signs, you could very well be the target of a workplace bully, and being made to suffer for reasons that have nothing to do with you personally. In this case, it’s best to keep careful notes of where and when any incidents occur, as well as who is involved and to take these accounts to your HR rep in order for them to investigate further. In extreme cases, you may even want to consider looking for another job. While it’s less than ideal for you to have to look for an alternative position, nothing is more important than your physical and mental health – and a new role may give you exactly the peace of mind you need.

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