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Can you walk your way to weight loss?

16 Simple ways to make running feel easierIf you haven’t been in the gym for a while, the thought of starting with a punishing exercise routine might seem scary or intimidating at first. Far better to ease into fitness with something a little less gruelling – like walking perhaps. But is a simple walk enough to get you fit again, and can walking actually stimulate weight loss?

These shoes are made for walking

First things first, get those trainers on. Turns out that walking can actually move you forward on your weight loss journey. The key to losing weight is by creating a kilojoule deficit: burning more energy than you consume. Going from a completely sedentary lifestyle to getting in 5 000-10 000 steps per day can help to increase your kilojoule burn through exercise. Throw in some consistent healthy eating changes and you’re well on your way blasting through the fat you’re looking to lose. 

Walk this way

Want to get fitter and increase your kilojoule burn at the same time? Try upping the intensity with short bursts of power walking alternated with slightly longer periods of easy walking. You’ll get your heart rate up, and you’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness, too. Or, if you’re feeling really brave, try incline walking: motoring up steep driveways or hills to really get your heart pumping. Your butt might hate you, but it’ll start looking great in those new jeans!

Go big or go home

Once you’ve got the hang of walking around your neighbourhood or going for walks in parks or nature reserves, why not test the limits of your endurance by going hiking? Get a group of friends together (particularly ones who know some good trails), take some refreshments along and make a day of it. Go at your own pace, take in the beauty of your surroundings, and get some valuable exercise and fresh air at the same time. There’s more to getting active than being stuck inside a gym all day! 

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