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5 Tips to surviving a breakup

exSo you’ve just had a breakup. And it sucks. But that doesn’t mean you have to have a breakdown. No matter how awful you’re feeling, no matter who ended it with who, there are ways of dealing with a broken relationship and coming out whole on the other side.

Delete them from Facebook

And Twitter, and Instagram, and Snapchat – and off your phone while you’re at it. Sure you might become friends down the line, but drunk messages and social media stalking right after the breakup are a definite no-no.

Take care of yourself

You might not be in a relationship but there’s still someone who loves you more than anything: you. Make time for the things that will make you feel good, like filling up on delicious healthy meals, indulging in bubble paths, pampering with pedis. You do you girl.

Do fun stuff

Remember how you had a life before your relationship? Go back to that. Whether you enjoyed time at home with books and movies or time with friends at concerts and restaurants, rediscover the awesomeness that was single you. She’s still in there and she’s still fabulous.

Go outside

And while you’re there, take a walk, go for a hike or get your running on. Fresh air is naturally rejuvenating and can help clear your mind of unhealthy thoughts. Plus you’ll get a much-needed endorphin boost, too, helping to lift your mood and your spirits.


Either alone or with your girlfriends. Breaking up is rough and you need to process your emotions in a positive way before you can move on. Don’t hold onto grudges and bitterness; let yourself grieve for what was and eventually you’ll find yourself looking forward to what could be.

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