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6 Ways to revamp your shirt

Like any decent styling trick, the art of tying in your shirt is easy to learn yet will elevate any look to stylish new heights. But not all the ways to tie your shirt are made equally, and we would argue that there’s a time and a place for each style. We are here to show you how to revamp your shirt! Heading to an important meeting or need to make a winning first impression? The front tie is your fail-safe way to pull your look together. Or maybe you want to take your look from day to night. Try the off-the-shoulder to add just the right amount of sexiness. However, you choose to tie your shirt in, read on for our easy-to-follow formulas and become a expert in no time.

The Front Tie

Button the first two buttons of your shirt and tie the remaining around your waist. This is a very flattering style for people with a boxy shape.

The Waterfall Effect

Button first two buttons of the shirt. Wrap the remaining part of the shirt around your back and button the last button. This gives a cool crop top effect as well as a high-low look.

DIY Off-the-shoulder

Put your shirt on as normal but don’t leave your arms out. Button your shirt down to the bottom as normal. Wrap the sleeves around your bust and tie a knot. This will create a ruching effect that is super flattering on the bust.

The Sweetheart Neckline

Wrap the shirt under your arms and button all the way down. Tuck the collar of the shirt inside creating a clean, sweetheart neckline. Take the sleeves of the shirt and tie it to the back. This will create a low back effect.

The Reverse Knot

Simply put your shirt on backwards and tie a knot. This is a subtle and sexy way to show off some skin.

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