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Lungi Naidoo top career tips for making it in music

Lungi Naidoo Music Industry

Ever considered a career in entertainment? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve enlisted musician Lungi Naidoo to share her top tips for making it in the music biz.


This is something I had to learn from the get-go. If you really want something and feel that it’s worth fighting for, then patience will play a very big role in achieving it.


It’s not easy being a single mum and an artist; I have had to focus a lot on my craft and many times my family paid the price. This is not intentional as I need to focus and make sure I work really hard, in order to make a living for myself and my daughter. So while others are out having fun, I am usually at some studio session or writing music.


Love is the key!!! You have to LOVE what you do, PERIOD!! This is something that will keep you motivated when you loose interest or feel like your music is going no where. I speak from experience as I have been traveling this musical journey for a ‘minute’ now. The one thing that keeps me coming back for more…is the LOVE I have for what I do.

Open minded

Music is constantly changing and evolving. Staying true to who you are is very important, but knowing how to move with the times and grow as an artist is vital. So being open-minded introduced me to House Music and Dance Music which I never thought I could do. I have definetly grown musically in that aspect.

Don’t Loose Yourself in the Hype-

They always say that Artists change after they become famous. Its very true. How can one not change when everywhere you go, people not only know who you are but overwhelm you with love. Just don’t lose yourself – your core and your upbringing – in the hype. Enjoy the love and attention but don’t get lost in it.

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