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13 Influencers who wear their Hijabs with pride

hijabFor a very long time, the fashion industry was always seen as one-sided or biased. Many people, culture and religions were feeling left out. Then came social media, a platform for everyone to express themselves in different ways. But the biggest influence it had on was the fashion industry. Everyone from all sides of the globe could express their own personal style and not just what was seen in the magazines and the fashion industry caught on to this. One of the biggest and one of the most controversial things seen on the feeds of many influencers was the Hijab. Hijabs are known by various names, some being the veil or a headscarf.  The word comes from the Arabic word meaning “cover” and is most commonly worn by Muslim women, however, some Christians and people belonging to Jewish denominations wear it as well.

So we’ve rounded up our favourite women who demonstrate that one can be stylish in your Hijab and that there is absolutely no limit to experimenting with trends even if one chooses to cover up.

Still need convincing? Take a look for yourself:

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