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3 South African moms doing motherhood right

motherhoodCheck out our pick of South African moms doing motherhood right! We just love how these modern progressive moms manage to stay trendy, practice self-love and coordinate the perfect matching outfits.

The mom who likes to coordinate:

Sue Duminy

Loves playing dress up like Sue Duminy

👯‍♀️💫🍭💖 #MomAndDaughter #BFF’s 😬

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Out and about with my Mini-Me 😍 @kidsbabylove #kidsbabylove

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The fashion-loving mom

Nangi Noruka

Manages to capture her #OOTD’s like Nangi Noruka

Girls with vineyards

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The center of our universe ❤️

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The mom that craves me-time

Zuraida Jardine

She advocates self-love like Zuraida Jardine

Is the person you look up to your mother? Not always. Our country and continent is predominantly made of up caregivers who have left their own children in other countries or provinces, to ‘mother’ children that are not biologically linked to them. I don’t for one second take for granted the role of being a mother – or the fact that my domestic care-giver, sees her own family once a year. Through my own childhood, I see how being a ‘mother’ has so much more to do with being present in a being’s life rather than just being alive and existing, with no presence at all. Media makes us believe that being a mother is about birthing a child (and then boasting about how quickly you got back into shape). It is so much more! I know many men that are some of the best ‘mothers’ I’ve met yet. My personal struggle to be a good, present mother is a challenge I juggle daily. It’s not as easy as the flawless Instagram images make it look. So with that, #HappyMothersDay to the many men and women who are freely flowing with care onto others, that are loving and naturing the ones they are surrounded by, biologically affiliated or not. Because being a mother is a label that runs deep, one that is earned and accountable and not just simply entitled with, due to 9 months of incubation 🖤

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Life begins within the bounds of a woman’s womb… When I think back to the times of my life that I have felt most beautiful, most superhero-like, and most radiant, was during pregnancy. My pregnancies were present, and I would often give thanks for the sheer miracle that my body was being able to incubate a baby into life. However, I quickly came to realize that the true magic of it all would only unfold after the births of my children and the active (or lack of) role I was going to take on, in their lives. Being a mother has been one of the toughest jobs that I have navigated. Everyday is a new day to get it right or wrong. I am learning that the key to raising my children soundly will lie in my consistent behaviour. If we think back to the women that have impacted us most, it’s not necessarily the ones that gave birth to us, but rather the women that loved and nurtured us, consistently. Being a mother is a huge responsibility. We wish for our children to grow up to be the people that we desire them to be. We cannot tell them what to do, we can only be it, that example, and hope that our behaviour that they witness, will have a spill over into them. This Mother’s Day, I salute the women who raise a village, regardless of a biological connection. Thank you for you 🙏🏽 I Love being a woman and I respect the mammoth responsibility I hold. I aim to raise a son who will be equally equipped to feel and be all my daughter can be and vice versa. Remember, when we come across incredible men, it’s as a result of the motherly-figures they had, and when we raise conscious daughters, then they will go on to incubate new generations of Beautiful Beings. Join me this Mother’s Day with @ponds_sa and enter our Mother’s Day competition where you stand a chance of spending the day surrounded by #Unstoppable women. All you have to do to enter, is buy any 2 POND’S Age Miracle products at Click’s (until the 15th of April) or Dischem (until 14th May) & swipe your Click’s or Dischem card. Good luck ladies #MothersDay2018 #PondsSA

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