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4 South African influencers to watch

In the latest campaign for Woolworths EDITION, South Africa’s favourite retailer has tapped four of the best local influencers. As a means of connecting to the millennial shopper, EDITION has pulled together a group of authentic individuals who they call the EDITION tribe.

Here are the 4 influencers to watch, who form part of the tribe.

Itumeleng Modise

Handle: @solarisitu

Following: 10.8K

Bio: Having worked as a content creator, writer, model and actor, Itumeleng knows a thing or two about the hustle and has mastered the art of looking completely on point while doing it. Taking inspiration from her mother’s personal style and attention to detail, Itumeleng’s fashion journey started very early on and continues to evolve.

Itumeleng profile image


Haneem Christian

Handle: @haneemchristian

Following: 1.6K

Bio: Working as an independent visual artist, Haneem takes inspiration from history, potential energy and ideas. Her main medium of expression and communication is film photography and she has spent countless hours unpacking the realities of Cape Town’s youth through her artistry.

Haneem Woolworths Edition


Lohanda AKA Queen

Handle: @queenlohaanda

Following: 4.8K

Bio: Drawing fashion inspiration from his mother, who used to coordinate his and her style choices from a young age, Lohaanda has an intimate relationship with fashion. Now working as a model and creative, Lohaanda’s perpetual love for pop culture reached a high point at the young age of fifteen when he started his own YouTube channel.

Lohanda Woolworths Edition


Niquita Bento

Handle: @xx_niquita_xx

Following: 19.9K

Bio: Spending her formative years gaining inspiration from fashion TV shows, Niquita has an uninhibited love for beautiful clothes and a huge respect for those who photograph them. With an eye for detail and a visually creative mind, she loves nothing more than curating the world around her, transforming the ordinary into the extra-ordinary – one Instagram post at a time.

Niquita Bento Woolworths Edition

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