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5 Things to consider before starting relationship counselling

relationship counsellingThey leave their dirty clothes next to the laundry basket; you leave empty milk cartons in the fridge. They go out all night without telling you where they are; you keep your frustrations bottled up without communicating them. When are regular couples’ irritations, well, regular, and when should you consider relationship counselling to work through them? Let’s take a look. 

When you’re not talking 

If communication has broken down to the point where you’re unable to speak to each other, seeking guidance from a couples counsellor could be just what you need to start talking again.  

When all you do is fight 

If you’re unable to keep emotions and negativity out of your communication, it’s a sign that you have a significant amount of repressed anger and resentment, either towards your partner or yourself. Talking to a counsellor can help you identify these feelings and work through them in a positive, constructive way. 

When you keep having the same fight 

If you find yourselves constantly arguing about the same issues over and over again, having an outside perspective of a counsellor could help you get to the root of the problem and find a resolution you’re both happy with.

When you’re considering having an affair 

Thinking about seeking intimacy outside your relationship is a clear-cut sign that something is lacking. Rather speak to a couples counsellor sooner than later in order to resolve your issues, before the worst happens. 

When you feel you need to see a therapist 

It might sound obvious, but the best way to know if you should see a therapist or not is if you’ve started thinking about it. Broach the subject with your loved one once you’re sure, keeping in mind that they may not be as open to the idea as you are. If you do encounter any resistance, explain your reasoning as clearly as possible, and ask if they’d be open to attending just one session with you. Afterwards, you can discuss the value of the meeting as a couple, and decide if you want to explore it on a more long-term basis. 

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