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What the cluck? Turns out eggs are good for you!

eggsCholesterol. It’s a scary word and one that’s often linked to eggs. Don’t have too many eggs, your cholesterol will go up. Don’t eat the yolk in eggs, that’s where all the bad stuff comes from. Actually, just stay away from eggs altogether, it’s safer! 

As it turns out, science has something different to say on the subject. If you’re looking for an alternative to carb-rich breakfasts like cereals or muesli, eggs can be a hugely healthy substitute. Weighing in at just 292 kilojoules per egg, with no carbs, 6g of protein and 5g of fat, they’re by far one of the leanest breakfast options around. And if you’re worried about cholesterol, you needn’t be, as only a quarter of the fat in eggs comes from saturated fat – the type that increases blood cholesterol levels. So get cracking on these healthy winter breakfasts right away! 

Bacon and eggs

There’s no substitute for the original traditional breakfast. Keep yours on the lean side by poaching your eggs in water, and using fat reduced back bacon – rather than streaky – and enjoy an energy-fuelled meal to keep you going until lunch. 

Eggs Benedict

While the original Eggs Benedict breakfast with hollandaise sauce and an English muffin can be heavy on fat and carbs, a few simple substitutes can keep it lean and tasty, too. Substitute the muffin for a single slice of low-GI or rye toast, keep the eggs soft so that you have a ready-made sauce, and you’ll have a delicious, low-kilo breakfast to enjoy. (Beginning of the month tip: swap the cold meat for smoked salmon for an extra-indulgent meal!) 

Breakfast frittata

SPINACH, MUSHROOM AND ONION FRITTATAIf you like pizza, you’ll love this! Sauté your favourite breakfast ingredients – such as mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, bacon and more – on the stovetop, then whisk together two eggs per serving, and pour into the pan once the other ingredients are almost cooked. Spread the egg evenly throughout the pan and leave to cook on the stovetop. Once the frittata is almost cooked the whole way through, put under the grill to brown for three to five minutes, then cut into slices and serve piping hot. 

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