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The 7 best hair tips that pro stylists have ever told us

Expert Hair Tips There are good hair days. And then there are days when Hot Damn, your hair has never looked this good in your entire life.

Here are the expert hair tips you need to avoid bad hair days…

  • To refresh curls, use a hair dryer on the cold setting: Blast dry hair from side to side, swinging it with your fingers to bring curls back to life. — Vernon François
  • It’s not the sexiest look ever, but get a satin bonnet to wear while you sleep. It’ll preserve any style overnight. — Ess
  • If you’ve transitioned to natural texture, it’s so important to keep hair moisturized. Use a leave-in conditioner after every single shower. — Redway
  • If you want your blowout to last, hair needs to be 100 percent dry or it’ll frizz and fall. So feel around for damp spots and dry them. — Nathaniel Hawkins
  • For a no-bump updo, blow-dry damp or dry hair in the direction of the style (e.g., from the nape and sides upward for a high bun or pony). — Jennifer Yepez
  • If you accidentally put too much product in your hair, use dry shampoo all the way through to the ends to soak it up. — Yepez
  • If you only use co-wash, your hair could get limper. Cleanse your scalp with a scrub every once in a while to take off dead skin cells. — François

This is an excerpt taken from Allure. Read the original here

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