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Part 2: Modest dressing according to Thameenah Saint

ThameenahIt’s a common misconception worldwide that women who wear hijabs, headscarves, or veils aren’t fully expressing themselves through fashion. What does modest dressing mean in 2018? It’s not just about religion. Here, three fashion bloggers share their own definitions.

Define ‘modest dressing’

Too often dressing modestly is looked at as being restraining, limited or oppressive, however for me personally, dressing modestly is not only about outward appearance or attire but more so a way of life. There is a depth of character that rises above beauty and charm. Modesty sends a strong message of acceptance and self-respect and it puts emphasis on who we are internally rather than focus on outward attractiveness. By portraying decency in the way you act and represent yourself, you will naturally find that others respect you as well.

What do you think has led to modesty as a fashion trend dominating runways across the world?  

Firstly, modesty as a fashion trend has taken the world by storm I must say, which makes me feel so proud to be a modest fashion influencer. Modest wear is believed to be one of the fastest growing areas in the fashion industry which is gradually becoming mainstream. I feel that social media has played a vital role by promoting inclusion and diversity. Top brands and runways have proved to be some sort of mediator in changing the perception of modesty and hijab as a whole by giving the western world a glimpse of how to remain on trend whilst still dressing modestly. I feel that more women have finally realised their worth by not allowing society to dictate the way they should dress or portray themselves in order to fit in and have decided to take control of who they are.

Do you have any styling tips to dress modestly?

Do not be afraid of layering and mixing textures or prints, it’s all about experimenting and finding what works best for your personality and style. A few essential pieces are always good to have when dressing modestly such as a good pair of wide leg pants, longer-length dresses, flowy skirts and oversized shirts or blazers. Modest dressing is all about choice so play around and find what works best for you.

Victoria Beckham recently said (about a looser silhouette) that “it puts power back into the hands of the wearer rather than the observer.” i.e. a longer hemline is now seen as a badge for women who don’t feel the need to make their body shape central to their identities – is this something that resonates with you?

I completely agree with this statement and feel that dressing modestly helps women feel empowered and liberated in the sense that they do not need to conform to what society might deem acceptable. The power to be treated as an equal and to be seen as in control and to be taken seriously seems far more attainable when women dress modestly.


Anything you would like to add about modest dressing?

Do not be afraid to dress modestly or allow society to dictate how you should represent yourself in order to be accepted or taken seriously. Modesty is for all women of any faith, age or background who chooses to take a stand in how they present themselves.

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