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3 Things to DO on Youth day this June 16th

This Saturday, June 16th, South Africans will reflect on the day when school children in Soweto led a series of protests, in an attempt to bring an end to the Bantu Education Policy, and ultimately Apartheid.

June 16 Youth Day

Spend the day in Soweto

Home of the 1976 Uprising, Soweto is the perfect spot to spend this Youth Day. For lunch visit chesa nyamas Chaf Pozi, Zone 6 Venue, or Icon Soweto for a traditional pap, vleis and chakalaka.

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Visit the Apartheid Museum

In order to know the future, you must understand the past. Located in Johannesburg’s South, the Apartheid Museum will¬†challenge and motivate you.

Watch Sarafina

The iconic theatre production will be showing at the Joburg Theatre, from June 14 to June 24. The play depicts students involved in the Soweto Uprising which took place in 1976.

Whatever you do on Youth Day, remember to take time to think about how far South Africa has come, and how we can move forward to create a better future for all who call Mzansi home.

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