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3 Useful hacks for breaking in your new shoes

I dare you to find a pain more soul-destroying than a tight, rubbing new shoe. Okay, smart ass, there are worse pains. BUT, any that we voluntarily bring on ourselves?

New Shoe Hacks

Regardless of the pure agony with every step when wearing a badly-fitting shoe, we solemnly swear we will *never* stop wearing ridiculous kicks.

So what tricks of the trade actually work when it comes to breaking them in?

Here’s our pick of the very best:


Using heat on new shoes is a great way to soften and stretch the material. Put on some thick socks, slip on your shoes and gently add heat via a hair dryer. Make sure the heat is evenly distributed by moving the shoe around to avoid melting the material and then walk around in the shoes. The heat will loosen the fabric, while the socks will stretch it out.


If heat doesn’t work, try the other end of the temperature scale. Fill freezer bags with water (remove all air from them before sealing) and stuff them into your shoes. Stick them in the freezer and leave them for approx. 4-8 hours. Once they’ve frozen, bring your shoes our and sit them at room temperature to let the water defrost. Take the bags et voila. Stretched shoes.


Spray rubbing alcohol on the inside of your shoes (make sure they’re leather), put them straight on and walk around in them for at least 20 minutes. The alcohol will soften the fabric and will ensure the shoe moulds to the size and shape of your feet.

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