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How compatible are you and your partner?

compatibleYou’ve just met someone new and you’re cautiously optimistic about how things might go. But then again you’ve been burnt before. How will you know if this time the two of you really are compatible, or if it’s just another false alarm?

1 You can be yourself around them.

Having to be on your best behaviour at all times can be exhausting. If you can be your no-makeup, sweatshirt-wearing self around someone after a relatively short space of time, hold on!

2 You’re attracted to them.

Often you click with someone mentally and emotionally, but that physical spark just isn’t there. If he ticks the great conversation and great chemistry box too, you’re onto a winner.

3 You can be silent with them.

Comfortable silence is one of the benchmarks of compatibility. Are you happy to be quiet and lost in thought with them around, or do you feel the need to fill the awkward air with words?

4 You feel proud to be seen out with them.

If you love introducing your new partner to friends and acquaintances, that’s a good sign. Wanting to show off someone, rather than hiding someone whose behaviour may be unpredictable, is a sure-fire way of knowing that the two of you share the same values and priorities.

5 You feel safe with them.

If you feel secure right from the start, and don’t have to question the intentions, it’s an indicator that it may last!

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