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How to smile in pictures like an influencer  

Smiling in photos can be hit or miss,  especially when taking pictures for social media.

That’s why we’ve gathered intel from your favourite influencers’ IG accounts to share three foolproof steps on how to #StyleYourSmile like you are already Instagram famous.

Step 1: Find an Insta-worthy location

Take a page from Aisha Baker’s book and head to an Insta-worthy location to snap your smile. We recommend Instagram-worthy cafés, the beach or in a pretty park or botanical garden. And, don’t overlook a well-lit bathroom.

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Step 2: Find your Light

Ask any influencer what the key to a great photo is, and they’ll tell you it’s all about finding the perfect lighting. If you’re taking your own picture, stand in front of a window and snap away. If you’ve managed to persuade a loved one to snap your smile, simply instruct him/her to turn their back to the light, so that you are facing the sun.

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Step 3: Flash those Pearly Whites

Do like social superstar, Sarah Langa and make sure that your pearly whites are on fleek! We suggest trying Listerine Advanced White to achieve a head-turning movie star smile. With 3 powerful essential oils, Listerine Advanced White is proven to whiten your smile and blocks new stains from developing in just two weeks.

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