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What to expect when you switch to a natural shampoo

If you thought learning how to contour was tough, try navigating your way through the natural shampoo aisle these days.

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From sulfate-free to clarifying and purple, it seems there are a million different options for every hair need, which can be completely overwhelming.

If you’re looking to make the switch to a more natural choice, you’re in luck as we’ve narrowed a list of earth-loving buys to choose from.

But before you go ahead and browse, be aware that your lather may be less than normal (due to the absence of froth inducing chemicals) and your hair can feel a little oilier in the beginning, as it gets used to not having to overcompensate with natural oil production.

But be patient, stick it out and you’ll soon reap the rewards!

Natural Shampoo
Plush Organics African Black Shampoo, R123 at Faithful to Nature.

Natural Shampoo
Gaia Organics Bio Shampoo 250ml (Rosemary & Bergamot), R135 at Faithful to Nature.

Natural Shampoo
Hemporium Shampoo (All Hair Types), R79 at Faithful to Nature.

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