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The DIY hair mask that gives you glossy locks with ONE ingredient

Off-duty model hairIt’s a familiar story. You want shiny, glossy locks worthy of Olivia Palermo on the red carpet, but when you look in the mirror, your ’do is looking distinctly frazzled around the ends. Whether you’ve overdone it on the heat styling or your strands just need a little TLC, queen of DIY at-home beauty hacks Farah Dhukai has the answer to your long-hair prayers. And it’s so simple, there’s only one ingredient that you probably already have in your kitchen. Here’s the perfect DIY hair mask.

Vlogger Farah posted a video on Instagram sharing her super-quick secret for glossy, strong hair. All you need is a can of full-fat coconut milk that you chill for 24 hours, then strain off the water and whip the cream until it’s fluffy. Then, you can channel your Great British Bake Off skills and put it in a piping bag, or if you’re more Mel and Sue than Mary Berry, spoon it into a zip-lock bag and snip the end off. Apply it to unwashed hair like you’re icing a cake, rub it in with your hands and leave it for 10 minutes before washing out. Et voilà, super-shiny hair you can see your face in.

1 INGREDIENT = $2.00 = BEST HAIR MASK YOULL EVER USE💣💣 🍑I USE THIS TWICE A MONTH TO KEEP MY LONG HAIR DAMAGE FREE, HEALTHY, SHINY and THICCC. The secret to LONG PERFECT HAIR = dis ✅ALL YOU NEED: 🥥FULL FAT COCONUT MILK – DONT JUST DUMP THE WHOLE CAN IN UR HAIR.. theres a method to dis FULL FAT ONLY! PUT UR CANNED COCONUT MILK IN THE FRIDGE for A MIN of 24HRS 🍦Refrigerating the coconut milk makes the CREAM THICK, + the water separates. Use the leftover water in smoothies or as a leave in! 🍰Remove the CREAM ONLY from the can, + put it in a COLD bowl and WHIP IT until its FLUFFY! ❄️USE IMMEDIATELY or STORE IN THE FRIDGE! It lasts about 1 WEEK in the fridge! 🦁APPLY TO YOUR UNWASHED HAIR (I like to put mine in a ziploc bag + put it in my hair.. Its more fun like my head is a cake and im icing it.. + I have more control with it but you can totally just slap it on after u whip it) 🍓Fun fact: IF YOU ADD SOME SUGAR TO IT U CAN EAT IT WITH SOME FRUIT.. its SO YUM! 🙊^^^i actually learned how to whip coconut when I went to eat some acai bowls and they had coconut whip on top and i died from how delicious it was! Then i came home and made it and naturally when i make something to eat, i put it all over myself too (1st accidentally, then intentionally) and the rest is history. 🐴ENTER THE G.O.A.T hair mask! 🐷SEE THIS IS WHY i LOVE FOOD.. you can eat it (duh) and get AMAZING SKIN AND HAIR from lathering it on urself too. FEED ME + TELL ME IM PRETTY @lifeofsal ⏰LEAVE IT IN ur hair for at least 10 MIN 💦WASH IT OUT (with your regular shampoo.. ill be sharing my haircare routine on IGTV for everyone that asks for it!) 👌🏾HAVE THE HEALTHIEST HAIR OF ALL TIME 😻WHY YOU NEED TO DO THIS!👅 Coconut cream is very high in protein..a lack of protein can cause your hair to thin over time. Coconut cream to the rescue! Makes your hair very soft and shiny and manageable..curly hair baes youre gonna LOVE this! helps grow ur hair + make it stronger helps stop dandruff smooths your hair and prevents breakage so BYE damaged hair👋🏽 👇🏽TAG A FRIEND WHO CUD USE SUM HELP WITH THEIR HAIR AND LIKE DIS VID FOR MORE LIKE DIS FAM!!👍🏾 #diy #farahdhukai 🎵: @ponettemusic – hours

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YouTube superstar Farah is clearly a fan of coconuts for keeping her hair in tip-top shape, she’s previously posted a recipe for a coconut oil and cayenne pepper hair mask she claims helps it grow TWICE as fast as usual. That one’s not for the faint-hearted, as the cayenne can cause a reaction, so make sure to patch-test first if you try it.

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