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3 Ways in which this mouthwash gives you better oral health

We all want to make a stellar first impression when meeting someone new, especially if we’re aiming to slay a game-changing job interview or a hot date. A fail-proof way to do that is rocking a killer smile.

Listerine Mouthwash Benefits

Apart from enhancing your beauty, a gleaming set of pearly whites will amplify your confidence- a quality that’s bound to make you the most charming girl in the room.

Want to know the secret to achieving your most gorgeous smile ever? Simply rinse your mouth with Listerine Advanced White, for one minute after brushing your teeth, twice daily. This multi-action mouthwash is superb for boosting your oral health, which it does in these three ways:

  1. Removes stains

Thanks to its non-abrasive, polyphosphate technology, it erases existing stains to give you visibly whiter teeth, in only two weeks! To add to that, the mouthwash creates a protective shield, which prevents new stains from forming on the surface of your teeth.

  1. Freshens breath

Listerine Advanced White’s formula is blended with three essential oils inspired by nature, to help fight germs that cause bad breath and gingivitis. So, put your best breath forward so you can take on the day with confidence.

  1. Strengthens teeth

The mouthwash contains added fluoride, which is brilliant for toughening your teeth. The enamel on your teeth is made up of mineral crystals, some of which are lost each day. If you lose too many, you could suffer from bad tooth decay and fluoride helps to avoid this.

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