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4 Smiles you should flash on the first date

First dates can be hella nerve wrecking!

You’ve got to make sure your outfit is on point; you have to shave (what a drag). And you have to make sure that you ask him all the right questions – as per Steve Harvey’s instruction in Think Like A Man (the book, not the movie). And if all of that wasn’t enough, to ensure that you get asked on a second date, you must make sure that you flash these FOUR smiles.

- The Flirtatious Smile

Flash this smile when you arrive at the location of your date, or when he picks you up. This will let him know that you’re interested, without you having to say a word.

- The Duchenne Smile (toothy smile)

Flash this smile when he cracks a joke. It will make him feel less awkward, and he’ll automatically grin back at you. Duchenne smiles are contagious, FYI!

- The Smize (smiling with your eyes)

If the date is going well and you’re enjoying the conversation, be sure to channel your inner Tyra Banks and “smize” like a supermodel. According to research, smiling with your eyes lets your date know that you are being honest and authentic.

- The Seductive Smile

So, you want him to kiss you? Simply serve your best version of a Victoria Secret supermodel smile. And voila!

Top date night tip 1: If your date turns out to be a complete nightmare, we highly recommend you try the fake smile and ask your bestie to fake call you so that you can kindly excuse yourself from the date.

Top date night tip 2: Before putting on your makeup and styling your hair, take time to step up your smile with Listerine Advanced White. And, while you’re at it, snap a pic and enter our #StyleYourSmile competition, here!

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