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5 Steps to a chip-free mani

ORLY SA nail technology educator, Charmaine Kay, shares her tips on how to achieve longlasting fabulosity.

1 File to perfection

When filing natural nails, “Always use smooth, soft grit files (the rougher the nail file grit, the greater the risk of splitting your tips),” says Charmaine.

2 Base and seal

“Apply a basecoat and be sure to swipe the tip of the nail to seal the free edge,” says Charmaine, who suggests using a rubberised basecoat, like ORLY Color Care Polish Bond (R156), 

to create a non-chip layer that will stick to the polish.

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3 Apply multiple thin layers

“Thick layers of polish lead to more chips, so the thinner the layer, the better,” Charmaine advises. For longer wear, apply two to three thin layers. 

4 Use a top coat

Seal in your mani with a layer of top coat to prevent chips.

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5 Leave to dry naturally

“The old tricks of dipping nails into ice water and fanning might speed up the drying time, but these lead to improper drying which results in chipping,” explains Charmaine.

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