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7 Tips for getting a perfect shave

You’re the type of girl who knows exactly what the fun side of life looks like. With so much on your social calendar, you need that smooth shave first time round. Here are seven shaving tips for the super silky summer legs you love.

1 Exfoliate

Make sure your skin is clean and exfoliated before shaving as this will prevent infections and ingrown hair. Getting rid of dead skin and excess oil by exfoliating will ensure the closest shave possible.

2 Use warm water

Shave at the end of a hot shower. Warm water softens hair and opens up pores, allowing the hair to stand up, making shaving easier. Chances of nicking and irritation are less if your skin is supple.

3 Give it a minute

We all know using shaving cream (or at least conditioner if you’re in a pinch) is crucial to a smooth shave and to prevent razor burn or rash. But remember to leave on the shaving cream for two to three minutes in order for it to work its magic and soften the hair. Stay away from bar soap as this has a tendency to dry out skin.

4 Use the right razor

An ergonomic handle, like those on the BIC® Soleil, will help you manoeuvre around those easily-nickable areas like knees and ankles. Don’t forget to rinse your razor in between strokes as clogging will get in the way of a close shave.

5 Go against the grain

Shave in the same direction as your hair first. Then reapply shaving cream before shaving upwards.

6 Moisturise

Dry off gently by patting instead of rubbing. Moisturise with a fragrance- and alcohol-free product straight after to trap some of the water that’s still on your body.

7 Shave at night

Shaving removes the outer layer of your skin, reducing your skin’s defences. Give your skin some time to recover before exposing it to potential irritants such as chlorine pools, sea water and sun.

Check out the BIC® Soleil range for a razor that’s just as bright and colourful as you are. You’ll be bikini-ready this summer with no effort at all!

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