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Get to know the Beauty Awards Judge: Viné Lucas

We’re reaching the end of our Glamour Beauty Awards reviewing phase, and before we announce our runner-ups and winners - we decided to sit down with some of our judges to hear more about their experience on being part of the judging panel.


GLAMOUR: What did you enjoy most about being a judge for the Beauty Awards?

VINE LUCAS: I enjoyed being a judge for this year’s Beauty Awards as I’ve never really had true skincare routine. I’ve always struggled to find products that work for me skin and I haven’t really had proper guidance. It’s been great have Jese, beauty Editor, guide me through this process in helping find products that’ll work for me. I’ve seen a huge positive impact on my skin.

GLAMOUR: How has this experience and exposure to the beauty industry changed your perception of skincare and makeup?

VINE LUCAS: I can see the importance of taking care of your skin. I’ve also seen the importance of taking extra good care of your skin as you get older and that you should focus on buying products that’ll help along in the process.

GLAMOUR: Are there any new steps/products that you’ll be incorporating into your skincare routine going into the future?

VINE LUCAS: I’ve started incorporating a morning and night time routine that each carry different products. And I’ve started seeing that my skin looks plump and healthy. I’m very excited to see what this journey will lead to.

GLAMOUR: What are you looking forward to doing this holiday?

VINE LUCAS: Resting. Switching off all devices and just soaking up the day’s activities and living in the moment.

GLAMOUR: One item on your Christmas wishlist.

VINE LUCAS: Getting more canvas and different types of paint. I am an artist and I love painting portraits so anything art-related will just get me happy, excited and living my best life.

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