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Meet The Glamour Beauty Awards 2023 Judges As We Draw Closer To Announcing The Winners!

We’re in full swing reviewing the hundreds and hundreds of products we received for our Glamour Beauty Awards 2023!

We can’t believe that we’re a month away from announcing all of our incredible category winners. But before we do - let’s meet The Glamour Team who has the honour of testing all these amazing goodies! We asked them two easy questions, and here’s what they had to say:

What are you most excited about when it comes to the Glamour Beauty Awards as a whole? As well as being a judge?

Nontando Mposo - Editor-in-Chief

As it’s Glamour’s first Glamour Beauty Awards - it has been very exciting to take part in this initiative. I’ve been able to learn about and explore newer brands that I haven’t come across before whilst revisiting older products that I love. We’ve been seeing alot of new entries which has been exciting.

HEAD OF BEAUTY: Jesé Lillienfeldt-Hartman

This is the first Beauty Awards in over 6 years. I am so excited to be on the forefront of the return of the awards. There is alot of admin and processes to get to where we are, but it’s still so amazing to see it come to life. When it comes to reviewing products - even though, it’s kind of my job anyway, we sometimes always end up going for what we know - I’m excited to try products that I would not conventionally go for and really open myself outside of my comfort zone.

FEATURES EDITOR: Thobeka Phanyeko

Being exposed and seeing all the beauty brands that are currently out there on the market. My 1st time being a Judge for the Awards, and I’m enjoying the process/position of testing out all the products and learning more about my skin and what works for my skin and what doesn’t.


Trying out new brands that I’ve never heard about. Exposure is great for me but also for the brands. First time being a judge so I’ve also just been learning more about my skin and about the products that are good for it.


It’s my first time being apart of any kind of beauty awards. It is also the first time that I am incorporating more products into my skincare routine, as my regular routine is very minimalistic. I am excited to see the results and the difference that these products will make to my skin. Going on this new journey I look at skincare in a totally new light, which is a plus for me.


I loved trying out new products that were vegan and cruelty free. I loved the exposure to newer brands and new products. I’ve also enjoyed seeing the effects that it’s had on my skin. It’s exciting as this is my first time being a judge for the Glamour beauty Awards.


The educational aspect is my favorite when it comes to tips and insights from other beauty enthusiasts, I love absorbing loads of information all the time, especially if it relates to beauty.


I'm excited to discover new skincare products and get to know local, sustainable, and innovative brands that are changing the face of beauty.


I loved most that i’ve found a skincare regimen that has worked for me. Over the past couple of years, it has been tough finding a regimen because there was so much information out there and I didn’t have the proper guidance from an expert or someone who knows more about skincare than myself. With the help and knowledge from Jesé, our Beauty Editor, I have a Skincare regimen that works for me that addresses the issues that I’ve had with my skin. Being a judge, I’ve had fun playing around with different products and having the opportunity to experiment a bit more. Testing out different product textures and waiting for the results to show has been rewarding in itself.

OFFICE MANAGER: Trishana Naicker

I am excited about trying and experiencing the different luxury products on the market. I believe in having a good health and skincare regime. It is an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Glamour Beauty Awards.

One fun-fact about yourself?

Nontando Mposo: I am spiritual and I enjoy and find it therapeutic to find time to ground myself and find comfort connecting inwardly. I also love Culture - learning and being a part of the culture.

Jesé Lillienfeldt-Hartman: I love using my knowledge and skills in my personal capacity by educating those around me on skin health and all things beauty related! I also love head massages from a hair salon way more than I’m supposed too. (guilty pleasure of note)

Thobeka Phanyeko: I am multi-talented. I am a mother, writer, poet, singer, dancer, Dj, social entrepreneur, life coach and the list goes on.

Walter Hayward: I love pole dancing as a form of exercise. It’s extremely rewarding and refreshing to be in an environment that is so supportive and safe.

Andisiwe Bulawa: I am a proud member of the BeeHive community. I love Beyonce!

Luke Diva: I wear 3 different foundation shades

Andrea Kühn: My favourite activity that I do with my daughter is bathtime - we call it pamper parties. We make it super fun and relaxing by adding some essential oils and bath bombs into the bath with some candles to set the mood. It’s my favourite time of day to spend some quality time with my daughter.

Farah Khalfe: I love experimenting with different beauty treatments. From microdermabrasion to LED facials, I'll try anything at least once.

Viné Lucas: In my free time I enjoy doing some portrait paintings. I love art so I find it therapeutic and enjoyable taking out time to do something that brings me joy.

Trishana Naicker: I enjoy Zumba dancing!

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