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5 Reasons we love our Women’s Month issue Cover Star, Bonang Matheba

We’re excited to introduce our Women’s Month issue featuring award-winning media personality, Bonang Matheba. There are many reasons we love her, here we list five

She’s a success story

Affectionately known as Queen B, Bonang Matheba built her legacy from the ground up. About her 20-year milestone in the industry, she says Longevity is very important and very rare in the entertainment industry, especially in TV hosting. “It’s about how you commercialise your brand and keep it relevant, and I have been able to do that. Finding ways to keep my fans entertained, and the ability to keep people intrigued and captivated, that is truly where the magic is.” (Page 71)

Her infectious energy

Bonang’s energy is felt across the screen and fans relate to her like an old friend because of how she makes people feel. She can has the power to transform from a “moghel” next door to a red carpet goddess and the common thread is the Queen B factor. Her longevity in the industry also speaks to her relatability. Affirming that there can only ever be one Bonang in our lifetime. Her energy is unmatched.

Image: Captured by Niquita Bento

She’s a multi-faceted Queen

Queen B slays not only on-screen, on stage and on the red carpet but she’s a boss behind the scenes too. Through her production company, Bonang Matheba Entertainment, she co- produced the documentary Public Figure in 2019, “which investigates the psychological effects of everyday social media, how it impacts young people and how they can turn it into a successful business. I co-produced the documentary with a friend of mine, Brian Corso, from Red Button Films. After that we produced the record-breaking A Very Bonang Year, A two-part series about my life. It’s very exciting that I am also producing for other people! I’m still producing my YouTube show B*Dazzled.” The multi-hyphenate also shares that she’s currently on a path to launch a talent agency, where we are to support young and upcoming talent – particularly in the TV space. (Page 75)

Her impactful presence

She has done a lot for the industry including affirming young girls that their dreams are valid. And she shares that she wants to be remembered for being a part of positive change in the South African media and business landscape. “For creating opportunity and growth for future generations to benefit from. A powerhouse businesswoman who contributed to the elevation of our entertainment industry, both locally and also around the globe. I also want to be remembered by every young African child as the one who showed that it really is possible to be anything you work hard enough to be.”

Image: Captured by Niquita Bento

She is simply a force

Her list of accolades include bagging the coveted Award for Best Inspiration & Influence at the prestigious Global Social Awards held in Prague, Czech Republic in 2019. In the same year, she won Africa Influencer of the Year at the first ever E! Entertainment People’s Choice Awards, held in Los Angeles, California. She is also the first black woman to become a member of the Cap Classic Producers Association through her luxury beverage brand, the House of BNG, which offers a range of MCCs (Brut and Brut Rose), and the luxurious Prestige Reserve. And the first black media personality to be featured on the cover of GLAMOUR South Africa magazine in 2014, ushering in a new dawn for the magazine space. Bonang was also the first South African celebrity to launch an online reality show named B*Dazzled and the first international ambassador for the cosmetic brand Revlon, outside the US.

Grab your copy of Glamour’s Women’s Month Issue, available on shelves nationwide and digitally here.

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