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PSA: The Glamour South Africa Beauty Awards are back!

It’s been three years of strides and setbacks, and although we haven’t completely figured out what life looks like post-pandemic, our beauty routines have surely adjusted accordingly. We’ve become experts at applying mask-proof lipstick (even though thankfully that is a thing of the past). Some of us have found ourselves back in spas and salon chairs, unmasked, and vaxxed, while others have opted to continue mastering the art of at-home dye jobs and DIY manicures.

As we’ve slowly become accustomed to the return of going-out makeup and skin care continuing to give us much-needed self-care, for the first time since 2017, the annual Glamour Beauty Awards is back. Dedicated to defining beauty on your own terms, whether that means rediscovering basic products you may have put down during the last three years or playing with bold TikTok trends like hyper-bright blush, and coloured graphic eyeliner. We’re here to show up this year by showcasing the best beauty products of 2023. Our trusted GLAMOUR team will be spending time narrowing down the list - with even some help from the GLAMOUR readers down the line, to find the greatest innovations in skincare, makeup, body and overall wellness. Introducing the beauty products bringing newfound life to our routines, whether it’s a budget or a splurge - here’s to creating a new norm that well, we would opt to stay.

NB: All Glamour Beauty Award winners are independently selected by our panel of judges.


Choosing the best beauty products of the year takes time and effort because authenticity is what matters most. Where do we begin? We start with a master list of thousands of products launched within the past year. From there our editors test and single out the most impressive items. We will then annouce the nominees (runner ups) and then finally, our panel of judges—vote on the finalists to help us select the winners. For our Readers’ Choice category, we rely on the votes from our Glamour readers around the country to narrow down the best readers' choice holy grail product of the year according to you.

Click HERE for the list of categories for the GLAMOUR SOUTH AFRICA BEAUTY AWARDS 2023!

** DISCLAIMER: We will be doing a separate GLAMOUR BEAUTY HAIR AWARDS 2023 later this year.

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