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Beauty buzz: Why we love cryotherapy

If you haven’t heard yet, the latest buzz in the beauty world is cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy, meaning ‘cold therapy’ is about exposing your body to extreme cold temperatures for a number of health and wellness benefits.

The most popular form of the therapy, offered in spas and beauty centres, is immersing your whole body in extreme cold water - most commonly known as cryo chambers. The chambers are usually set at around -90 degrees celsius and you’ll be in there for approximately 3 minutes.

According to Dr Yannis Alexandrides, founder of 11Cryo in the UK, Cryotherapy provides a host of benefits, including clarity of mind, endorphins, muscle recovery and skin tightening.

After long term treatment, cyrotherapy can also speed up the body’s metabolic processes and help burn calories. It’s also a great anti-inflammatory and assists in regulating your circadian rhythm.

In the skincare world, at-home Cryotherapy tools have become all the rage. The extreme cold temperatures on the face help stimulate collagen production and tightens saggy skin.

Cryotherapy tools such as ice globes seem to be taking over as the new gua sha and jade roller. The icy effect instantly lifts saggy skin, calms puffy areas, rejuvenates a dull complexion and sculpts the face.

If you’re opting for a full body cryotherapy session, you’re encouraged to move in the water by dancing, skipping, squating, or stretching - whatever tickles your fancy so you can get the most out of your session.

For long term therapy, it is recommended to start with 2 -3 sessions per week, or simply to revitalise your body and mind before a big event.

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