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Chrissy Teigen just had an eyebrow transplant. Here’s what it’s all about

From fluffy soap brows and filled in pencil brows to eyebrow laminations and more, the eyebrows have become a staple feature in our everyday makeup and beauty routines. So much so that even just running to the grocery store requires a splat of lipstick and a quick fluff of the brows.

This has caused a rise of more permanent procedures such a microneedling - a tattooing technique that uses several tiny needles to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin - and microblading, to get the perfect brow shape for your face.

Now there’s a new technique on the block: an eyebrow transplant - currently trending on social media after Chrissy Teigen underwent the treatment.

It involves taking hair (usually from the back of your head) and grafting each one individually onto your eyebrows.

Since undergoing the transplant, Teigen has shared updates of her brow-healing-journey on Instagram, first in a bare-faced video showcasing the sprouting of new baby hairs, and then in full glam with her full, bushy brows paired with a smoky eye and nude lip.

While the procedure itself can take approximately 5 hours to complete, and the down is relatively short (the area is usually tender for a few days afterwards), your newly transplanted brows can take a few months to sprout, coming into their full glory around six months post op.

A tip to remember is that even with eyebrow surgery, your brows may still be sisters and not twins. One is always destined to be the better brow over the other, and their growth rates may differ too.

If you’re interested in getting an eyebrow transplant, consider consulting a plastic surgeon who specialises in hair restoration.

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