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12 ways to wear ponytail braids, from tied-back twists to hybrid fishtails

Basically, we're looking for more ways to up our hair game and it looks like we're all in the mood to experiment with the styles we create.

Let's not forget though, that the simple styles are often the best. It's the execution that makes it stand out. With that in mind, it makes sense that Google has seen an uptick in searches "ponytail braids".

The collision of two classic styles has plenty of potential for some majorly delicious hair creations. And we've seen the look play out in endless styles thanks to its versatility.

Cornrows into a low ponytail are a beautiful way to blend the two hairstyles. Amp it up with some pretty edge control for a style that's cool and elegant.

The bubble braid is one of the top trending hairstyles of 2021, making an appearance at both the Brits, courtesy of rising star singer, Griff and at the Grammy's where Doja Cat wore it for her performance of Say So. An honorary braid, there's technically no plaiting involved, instead it's a super easy process of pimping up your regular ponytail with a hairband every few inches. But to take it up a notch, try the style with a triple parting (see below).

This fishtail ponytail adds some extra intricacy to an otherwise straightforward low ponytail. The key is to make sure you spend time prepping the piecey texture to give it extra body.

Here's 12 ways to wear ponytail braids


The Frenchie ponytail

A neat french plait making way for a silky ponytail.


The ombre braid ponytail

Graduate the colour from the roots to the tips.


The cornrow ponytail

This keeps the roots protected (great for hair-growth) but celebrates beautiful texture at the ends.


The classic bubble braid

Literally add some extra hairbands to your pony.


The fishtail bubble braid

Super intricate, this ponytail incorporates a fishtail braid, a flip and then another fishtail.


The two-tone ponytail braid

Add length with caramel weaves.


The loose French ponytail

A french-style braid is partially incorporated but kept loose and relaxed.


The cuffed cornrow ponytail

Braided all the way to the bottom with embellished cuffs added for extra detailing.


The four strand ribbon ponytail

Once you get the hang of this, it's surprisingly easy, and to help you along here's a tutorial.


The triple parted bubble braid

The classic bubble, but even fiercer.


The fishtail braid

The little mini fishtail braid incorporated into this ponytail gives it a unique twist.


The waist length ponytail braid

If you're gonna do it, go big.

Original article appeared on GLAMOUR UK | Author Elle Turner

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