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These artists are creating magic through incredible sculptural hair, and the pictures will totally blow your mind

Instagram: @nikkinelms
Instagram: @nikkinelms

Works of art.

At its core, beauty is simply a way for us to express ourselves. From the colour we pat into our lips to the hairstyle we make our signature, all have a personal and historical significance baked into them, which is why simple acts such as the way we apply makeup or braid hair can become such a defining feature.

And since hairstyles are a way to express ourselves, does that not make it art in its own right? Taking this idea to the next level are the wave of talented hair sculptors offering up an important dose of culture (and eye candy) on the 'gram. Their statement-making and gravity-defying creations are elevating hair – and the way we express ourselves through it – to entirely new heights. Here are four artists you should follow...

Nikki Nelms

Celebrity hairstylist, Nikki Nelms counts Yara Shahidi, Solange Knowles and Zoe Kravitz as clients, but in-between making their hair look next-level (quite literally) she pours her creativity into creating breath-taking hair moments inspired by anything and everything – nature, fashion, her mood. "I love using things that have nothing to do with hair to create new styles," Nelms told Allure. The look below, for instance was crafted from wire and cardboard.

Laetitia Ky

Ivorian Gen-Z hair contortionist, Laetitia Ky, has carved out a huge social media following thanks to her statement-making hair creations, which range from whimsical everyday objects – like bicycles and light bulbs – to astute political statements, such as her fem-focused hair sculptures and BLM tributes.

Fesa Nu

Los Angeles-based Fesa Nu is an accomplished freelance hair and makeup artist, but she created her personal project, The Art of Hair, which is inspired by traditional African hairstyles to celebrate black women in all their glory. "I consider myself a poet in this hair and makeup industry and only want my work to reflect poetry that resembles the love I have for culture, music, art and Black excellence," she told Infringe. Her visual expressionism plays out in the form of incredible and intricate gravity-defying styles.

Celeste, Eclectic Vibez

Curlchitect (that's curl architect) and hair healer, Celeste (better known by @eclectic_vibez) is passionate about curls – nurturing them and crafting them into beautiful works of art. She's even earned the title 'fro whisperer. Her 'Bloom' series is a beautiful work of art and, according to Celeste, is "a visual representation of my purpose for this life. To nurture every pretty flower that I pass on this journey, share my light, and position them for growth".

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