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3 Key tips for 3 different hair types

All GLAMOUR girls have unique hair types, and we love that because it’s part of what makes us all beautiful. But sometimes, the overload of hair care info out there makes it confusing to figure out how to look after your locks, in a way that works for your hair type.

To make things easier, we called on Frika's pro stylists, who we know we can always rely on. They unveiled expert advice so that you can give your tresses the TLC that they deserve. Take a look below to find out which three tips you needto take note of, based on your hair type.


1. If you’re planning to colour your hair, remember that coily hair absorbs more dye than other hair types. That’s why it’s vital to use after-care products that will both prevent the colour from fading, and give you maximum moisture.

2. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner recommended by your hairstylist at least once a week, but don’t forget to use products that are cream-based or infused with oil, to stop your locks from drying out.

3. Make the most of your striking and pretty ringlets by defining them with products that contain conditioning extracts. That way, your hair will not only make a statement, but also be deeply nourished.



1. Before deciding whether to make the bold move of shaving off all your tresses, think about the shape of your bone structure- because not all bone structures make it possible to pull off the bald look like Amber Rose can.  

2. If you think that you can skimp on shampooing and conditioning, simply because you’ve got much less hair, think again! It’s still a non-negotiable because you must take care of your scalp by using products perfectly suited to you, on a daily basis.

3. We may be heading into the summer months, but when the chilly season comes around, make it a habit to apply oil to your scalp since the skin tends to become dry in winter.


1. You probably find that your locks become frizzy quite often, and you’re not alone as it’s a common issue for curly-haired women. But, you can combat frizz by making moisture seal-in products a must-have in your beauty regime.

2. Speaking of common frustrations, another one of them is hair breakage. To keep your tresses in a healthy condition and avoid split ends, be sure to get the tips of your hair trimmed, a minimum of once every four to six weeks.

3. There are many varieties of curly hair, so even if your locks are curly, they could be very different to that of other curly-haired women. Given that, keep in mind that the ideal products to treat your curls, may not be useful to your fellow curly-haired friends.

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