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An ode to black hair and black women


The conversation around hair has always been controversial. Conversations about hair can get really personal especially to black women whose hair has been viewed as politically motivated whether it is an afro or dreadlocks.

In this project by Mbulelo Faluti and Clearcut Creative Agency, Nostalgia, the focus is on the beauty of hair without any racial specification. Paying specific attention to women’s hair, celebrating it in its natural form and dismantling past expectations of what ‘presentable, professional’ hair looks like.

This project is a social statement that raises awareness about the importance of appreciating hair no matter the race and recognising the power that lays in embracing your identity.

Furthermore, project ‘Nostalgia’ is a bold, visually powerful statement that shines the light on hair. Our focal points are specifically dreadlocks and the Afro as they signify spiritual intent, nature’s gravity-defying power and supernatural powers. These hairstyles are a statement of non-violent activism and nonconformity to previous societal or corporate standards of beauty.

While celebrating hair, we also celebrate the strides that have been made towards the inclusion and acceptance of all types of hair. Previously, black hair had to be straightened with chemicals in order to be considered presentable or professional. In contemporary times, natural hair is accepted and respected.

Team Credits

Creative Director: Mbulelo Faluti (@mbulelo.faluti)

Photographer: Linda Zulu (@lindazulu_ )

Producer: Clear-Cut Creative Agency (@clearcutagency)

Lighting: Sbusiso Mkhonza (@cheddar_nunez)

Hair and Make-up: Naledi Thabo (@sista.ntswembu)

Stylist: Sindi Mlangeni (@sindiwomfana_)

Garments: Levis Haus Africa (@levishausafrica)

Models: Khanya Gama (@khanyaa.g ) and Nandi Zulu (@nandizulu_ )

Writer: Gift Makhubu (@gift.makhubu)

Studio: Levis Haus Africa (@levishausafrica)

Agency: Clear-Cut Creative Agency (@clearcutagency)

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