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Butter Blonde hair colour is becoming popular in street style

Pantone may have declared ‘peach fuzz’ the shade of the year, but the street style set has crowned butter blonde the hair colour to know this season.

In case you missed it, butter yellow tones have taken off everywhere, with JW Anderson, Jil Sander, Max Mara, Loewe, Tove, Zimmermann and Givenchy all featuring the shade in their recent collections. Influencers and stylists have taken every opportunity to tap the tone up (which may be why you've seen it dominating your For You page). And, of course, it was only a matter of time before the shade stretched to beauty. Butter nails have been declared the mani to watch right now (backed by an endorsement by celebrity fan, Selena Gomez) and yellow accents will feature in our make-up, too.

As for blonde, butter tones have given the shade a pretty spring glow-up and we've already seen the colour adopted by ‘it girls’ like Leonie Hanne, Sofia Richie, Grainge, Beyonce and Sabrina Carpenter. “When the weather warms up, so will blonde tones,” confirms Michelle Billington, hair expert at Jerome Russell Bblonde. “Ashy tones will take a step back in popularity and rich, warm, butter shades will take centre stage,” she says.

What is butter blonde?

As the name suggests, butter blonde is a blonde shade that has warmer, butter-yellow tones. “It's a beautifully sunkissed shade, characterised by its warm, golden tones reminiscent of the colour of butter,” says Michelle. “It has a soft, sunny appearance and can vary in intensity; ranging from a light, pale blonde, to a deeper, honey-toned blonde,” she adds.

Who can wear butter blonde?

The good news is, it's pretty approachable to wear. “Butter blonde adds a lot of warmth to the face, making it a universally flattering option, particularly for those with warm and neutral undertones,” says Michelle.

You can go big and “adopt an all-over buttery blonde, like Sabrina Carpenter," says Michelle, or “add bright pieces throughout the hair at the crown and ends, and especially around the face to warm it up and frame it, like Sofia Richie Grainge,” Michelle adds.

If you're starting with a dark base, you'll need to lift the colour, but it's easier to achieve than ashy or platinum blondes as you won't have to eliminate the warmth. “We all know how tricky it can be to take brunette hair to ash blonde hues, so this is the perfect shade for those with darker bases,” says Michelle. Or, for those who already have blonde hair, it's a subtle shift in tone."

Why choose butter blonde?

Butter blonde is pretty all-year round but it's popularity has exploded in line with fashion's recent focus on the colour, and as spring hair shades go, it's a perfect transitional tone to take us toward summer, offering cosy warmth and sunny brightness.

How to maintain butter blonde?

As with any blonde shade, there's steps you can take at home to keep it looking its best. “Maintaining butter blonde hair will require regular care to preserve its colour and health, particularly in the summer months. This includes using colour-safe shampoo and conditioner, bond-building products, regular toning, and minimising exposure to heat styling tools,” says Michelle.

“You will also want to invest in a purple shampoo. While the overall tone of butter blonde hair is warm, there's a fine line between warm blonde tones and brassier yellow,” Michelle explains. “Purple shampoo used sparingly will help to even out any yellow tones and prevent that brassy look,” she adds.

To keep it fresh, the colour will need a refresh around every six weeks. "Butter blonde has a more natural appearance than lighter shades of blonde so your roots coming through will only add to the look. Still, for maintenance purposes, it's recommended to touch up your roots every six weeks," says Michelle.

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