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Here are the expert tips for styling a fringe when you have curly hair

Worth the effort.

Fringes aren't exactly a low maintenance hairstyle choice. In fact, they need constant brushing, washing and spraying to keep hair from flying off in rogue directions or else becoming greasy before your next wash day comes around.

If you are blessed with curly hair, a fringe can be even more work – at least to begin with.

You see, the shorter the hair, the bouncier the curls, which means many people trip up at the point of cutting, ending up with a fringe much shorter than anticipated.

Plus, we all know curls often have a mind of their own without proper care. However, if you master the art of styling a fringe, it's well worth the effort – even more so if you have curly hair.

I love a naturally curly fringe for fall because once you know how to style and care for it, it's quick and easy, which I’m all about for day-to-day life. You can take this style from work to dinner for a sophisticated yet fun look,” celebrity hairstylist and groomer, Merav Adler.

Here are a few expert tips to streamline your styling…

How long should I cut my fringe if I have curly hair?

When curly hair is wet, the weight of the water pulls the hair down and straightens out the curls, meaning when it's dry, it has a tendency to bounce up. For that reason, the hair pros recommend cutting a curly fringe when hair is totally dried.

“My key tip for cutting a fringe on curly hair is to do it dry and in its natural state. This is crucial to a successful curly fringe,” says Ben Rossiter from sustainable salon Blue Tit Clapton. “This is because curly hair shrinks when it’s dry and you don’t want to end up with an unexpected micro fringe.”

What styling products do I need for a curly fringe?

Whether you plan on embracing your natural hair texture or blow-drying it straight, it's always important to have the right products to make sure hair is healthy and protected.

“Curly hair is usually drier compared to straight hair, so when it's wet use a plethora of hydrating and moisturising products to protect and enhance its natural texture,” recommends Ben.

“Coiling and twisting the hair in small or large sections while still wet will allow you to lock in the product.” Finish by air drying or using a hairdryer with a diffuser to create a perfect fringe on naturally curly hair.

If you fancy smoothing our your fringe, preparation is key as curly hair can become easily damaged by heat tools. “When it comes to smoothing out a curl it’s super important to use a heat protection spray accompanied by serum and a smoothing cream or fluid,” confirms Ben.

“Wrap the fringe around a round brush to create tension and apply heat using a hair dryer and a precision nozzle. “For a super straight effect, apply more protection before adding more heat with a flat iron or tong and finish with a serum for long lasting results and shine.”

Merav agrees, and always uses nourishing products to make the most of curly hair. “To prep a curly fringe, I use Unite U Oil on hair when it's damp and when it's dry to keep hair looking shiny and healthy.”

This originally appeared on Glamour UK | Author: Lottie Winter

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