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Here’s what your ‘hair love language’ says about your relationship feelings

How do you know when you *like* someone? Maybe it’s butterflies in your tummy, maybe you can feel yourself getting hot under the collar, or maybe you find yourself flipping your hair back and forth like you're Sasha Fierce. Hmmm.

If it’s the latter, you could be communicating via hair love language. Granted, it sounds a bit niche, but when it comes to sussing if you like someone (and whether they like you) non-verbal clues can be a major tell. You may not even realise it's happening.

“Most body language movements are unconscious which gives us an insight into the inner thoughts and feelings of a person,” explains OGX hair sign language expert, Adrianne Carter. “When deciphering it, it’s important to remember that context is king. Take the whole scene into account for the most accurate understanding,” she adds.

Here's the hair habits that may help you gauge how well things are going..

Hair twirling

Hair twirling can be good news. “We can assume the person to be flirting when their head is tilted and wrists on display," says Adrienne. But it's not always good news. "If accompanied by a frowning face though, they may have heard or seen something they don’t like, so they’re actually pondering how they feel. Depending on the context, it could even be a signal of boredom,” she adds

Flicking, fluffing and hair flipping

Flicking, fluffing and hair flicking can be a positive sign for potential suitors. “These actions are most often signals of drawing attention to one’s self from someone they are interested in romantically,” says Adrienne.

Hair tossing

If you or they are tossing their hair, you may be in luck. “It’s done to show the face more and indicates an openness to the other person so they can fully see each other," Adrienne explains.

Covering your face with your hair

Uh-oh. “Hair covering the face suggests the person is not approachable or has something to hide, so we can take from this that they are not romantically interested in the other person,” says Adrienne.

Running fingers through the sides of hair

For those with shorter hair, “running your fingers through the sides of your hair is likely ensuring the hair is in place and looking at its best - it's a preening gesture," explains Adrienne, which is usually a good sign.

Running hands over the top of the head

Running fingers through the sides of hair is very different to running hands over the top of the head, apparently. “This could be a sign of frustration or annoyance. In a dating context this would indicate the person is perhaps not interested in the other person’s advances," says Adrienne.

Tucking hair behind the ears

A tactical hair tuck is not only chic, it can be construed as seductive. "A girl tucking hair behind her ears could be a sign of flirting - particularly if their hands are cupped and palms outwards.” notes Adrienne.

Of course this isn't set in stone. You could think they're the one while flattening flyaways with your hands, or they could be a definite bin, despite you flipping your hair off your face. But, worth having in your back pocket just in case…

This article was originally published on Glamour UK.

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