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Justine formulates new haircare product to specifically target ethnic hair concerns

Many consumers who sport ethnic hair lament the absence of a specially formulated haircare product that can strengthen and intensely moisturise dry, damaged hair for a more resilient, manageable look and feel. The days of dry and damaged hair resulting from use of the chemical formulations are over!

Justine, a company that is renowned for pioneering the iconic tissue oil, now introduces Tissue Oil Miracle Treatment Hair Lotion, a new haircare product which is specifically formulated for the treatment of ethnic and relaxed hair. Justine Tissue Oil Miracle Treatment Hair Lotion is a lightweight alternative to the oil treatment formats of hair serums, oils and elixirs. Formulated using a unique blend of eight botanical oils, vitamin E and protective UV filters to moisturise, protect, restore and moisturise ethnic hair, Justine’s latest “miracle” is designed to those with ethnic and relaxed hair manage and style their hair with ease.

Fall in love with your hair again by using this treatment hair lotion to lock in moisture, protect hair against heat styling, improve manageability of hair, add a healthy shine, reduce the appearance of dryness, leave hair feeling and looking silky smooth, control frizz, protect your hair’s colour, and overall restore damaged hair. All of that in one bottle! The eight key botanical oils in Justine Tissue Oil Miracle Treatment Hair Lotion have been proven to provide moisture for the scalp and to help remove dead skin cells.

These key ingredients have been specifically selected for their properties to address the pain points facing ethnic and relaxed hair:

• Argan oil helps to renew and repair damaged hair;

• Sweet almond oil aids to reduce hair breakage;

• Wheat germ oil is known to protect the hair against environmental damage such as pollutants;

• Castor oil reduces oxidative stress, which is a common cause of hair damage.

It protects:

• Against damage and the fading of colour;

• Corn germ oil is known to help protect and improve the overall appearance of colour and chemically treated hair;

• Rice bran oil reduces frizz and helps to moisturise and protect dyed and chemically treated hair;

• Canola oil helps to reduce split ends;

• Sunflower seed oil helps to reduce dryness and adds shine; The medley of these eight botanical oils has been clinically proven to result in hair that is intensely moisturised and hydrated.

Regular use of Justine Tissue Oil Miracle Treatment Hair Lotion will visibly improve the hair’s appearance and reduce breakage. “The Justine Tissue Oil Miracle Treatment Hair Lotion builds upon the proud pedigree we have established as the pioneers of the first ever tissue oil which is often copied, but seldom matched.

This product is the holy grail in the haircare industry as it snugly addresses a market that has been underserved until now. We have heard our customer’s concerns about the challenges they encounter when trying to manage ethnic hair. We have leveraged our expertise to develop a specifically formulated solution that uses natural products and addresses our customer’s pain points.

Through this ground-breaking product, Justine is showcasing its market leadership and entrenching its foothold in the haircare industry,” says Momin Hukamdad, Avon Justine Executive Director for Commercial Marketing in South Africa. The Justine Tissue Oil Miracle Treatment Hair Lotion has been dermatologically and allergy tested, and is suitable for use on coiled, curly, wavy, or relaxed hair.

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